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Blankies for Children and Families in Hospitals

Being in a hospital can be particularly "scary" even for adults.  Worse still, medical treatments can have unpleasant side effects.  Chemotherapy also makes cancer patients feel cold "from the inside" out.  Blankies can help warm the body and spirit. 

Our on-going project is to make and collect blankies for children undergoing cancer treatments and for children and adults in need. 

  • For children - blankets should be at least 32" square from any machine washable yarn or fabric.
  • For preemies - blankets should be at least 26" square from any machine washable yarn or fabric.
  • Lap size blankies can also be useful.  They should be at least 45"x55" also from machine washable materials.  Larger sizes are also welcome.

Please contact  or for further information including drop off locations.

B3 Caps Project

Local hospitals have requested  caps for their preemies/nursery and chemotherapy patients. 

We will be posting patterns and/or links on our patterns page.  In the meantime, please contact for more information.

Domestic Violence Blankie Project

Domestic violence  affects children and families as well as the battered spouse.  Blankies are needed for children and adults in shelters and temporary housing.  One volunteer told us that the children and adults are touched to know that someone thought of them and took the time to make a blankie.

We are working with Womanspace, Inc. located in NJ.  Womanspace provides services to individuals and families impacted by domestic and sexual violence, including emergency shelter and housing services.   (See for more info.)  We would like to donate larger size blankies (lap size about 45" x 60") for use in the emergency shelter and temporary housing. 

We will make blankies available to other organizations serving this need.  Anyone interested in this project should contact
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